Saida Rasulova

Saida Rasulova
  • When Dubai wunderkind Michelle Rasul placed fourteenth out of eighty-five in the 2021 DMC Global DJing Championship, she turned overnight from local UAE sensation to international celebrity. Her inspiring autobiography is a testament to passion, talent, family, love, and perseverance—and above all, a celebration of Girl Power with some scratching and a beat.

    Award-winning children’s author Rabiah York Lumbard, herself a former resident of the UAE, takes the reader through DJ Michelle’s extraordinary life in a rollicking, intimate Q&A—joined by the star’s mother, Saida Rasul. (Or “Momager,” as the family prefers.) In conversation, mother and daughter open up not only about the magic of music in their lives, but about the discipline it takes to journey from precocious toddler to professional scratch DJ. For all of Michelle’s positivity, she is unflinchingly honest about the obstacles she has had overcome to achieve such astonishing success at such a young age.   

    The print edition is enhanced by colorful photographs and other fun multimedia inserts—including (but not limited to) crucial bits of DJ history; text messages from friends, fans, and celebrities; even a school assignment. The audio edition is enhanced by the author’s own mashups and scratching demonstrations.

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