Scott Hogle

Scott Hogle
  • “Divine Intelligence is a bridge between what you hear in church on Sunday and how to create success on Monday in your work world.” —Stuart Epperson, Co-Founder & Chairman of Salem Communications

    It is possible to embrace the beauty of Jesus not only on Sunday but in your Monday through Friday work routine. You don’t have to pick between a career calling and serving God—He has designed you for both. Expand your inner and outer world with the wonder prepared for you by bringing the presence of God into every aspect of your work life and thought process.

    Divine Intelligence is filled with wisdom from the inspired mentors of the Bible to help you move yourself forward in your work life. Reach for God’s best in the “Reflect + Connect” study guide that features thought-provoking questions to take you deeper with God.

    In this 52-week devotional, you will:

    • Discover God’s greater purposes in your career calling

    • Develop a deeper intimacy with God

    • Gather strength for the journey in actionable steps  

    • Establish your character in the work world

    • Learn God’s solutions to work-related problems

    • Increase your confidence as a Christian living in a secular world

    Divine Intelligence will make scripture come to life in your workplace and help you to reignite your passion for Christ. Greater discoveries await you as you face your fears and overcome obstacles with strength.


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