Corwin McGinnis

Corwin McGinnis
  • In My Destiny Awaits, readers will step into the compelling world of Jojo, a young girl admired for her radiant kindness. Next door resides Ruby, an insightful elder who navigates life from a wheelchair. As their story weaves together, Ruby unveils to Jojo that kindness is more than simply a virtue—it’s a transformative force intricately linked to the energy that pervades us in nature, air, and particularly within animals.

    Under Ruby’s tutelage, Jojo experiences revealing glimpses into the intricacies of friendship and the silent but real challenges faced by those with disabilities. Alongside this powerful connection, she expands her capacity of understanding by threading the fabric of her youthful consciousness with awareness of pressing societal issues like the Black Lives Matter movement and the nuanced Pro-choice/Pro-life debate.

    The strength of Jojo’s story lies not just in her newly awakened abilities, but in the transformative echo of her acts and essence. She learns that her gestures of kindness ripple through both her immediate community and the natural world, creating impact at the deepest frequencies of the universe. In this light, Jojo brings to focus the significance of kindness not only as ethereal, but as a directly applicable means of improving the world we inhabit.

    Jojo’s awakening serves as a forerunner to the absolute truth that there’s a destiny awaiting each and every one of us. While our paths are individually crafted, full of unique challenges and sights to see, there exists a common thread—a subtle yet palpable force of nature—that underpins us all, yearning to be discovered.

    As readers journey alongside Jojo, they too will be mentored by the pages of the book. The narrative invites its audience to look beyond themselves, examining how their individual actions, thoughts, and feelings can contribute to a society filled with empathy, understanding, and a respectful co-existence. It’s more than a story—it’s a prevailing testimony on the power of small, conscious acts to produce profound societal changes.

    My Destiny Awaits is an emotionally charged narrative that delves deep into the potential of kindness, offering practical insights into the labyrinth of social complexities we navigate daily. With its heartfelt characters and multi-layered themes, the book serves as a poignant reminder that even the smallest gestures of kindness can shape our destiny, guiding us toward a future enriched by mutual respect and collective progress.