Allan Colman

Allan Colman
  • Is your start-up feeling stuck in the starting blocks? Or are you finding it a struggle to pick up speed?

    Written by acclaimed entrepreneur, instructor, and author Dr. Allan Colman, The Revenue Accelerator: The 21 Boosters to Launch Your Start-Up is the true companion guide for new and intermediate entrepreneurs to prosper through their early stages of development.

    Dr. Colman equips listeners to easily navigate around the most pervasive problems start-up entrepreneurs experience when making the leap from building their product or service to selling it. Far too often, startups invest so much of their hard-earned energy and capital into developing their offering that they are left with scarce resources to architect a successful plan for financing, marketing, and selling it.

    The Revenue Accelerator provides a engine check on statistics that directly impact startups and the landscape that they now face.

    • The average “early survival rate” for startups is only 20%, between 2012 – 2020.*

    • There is currently an 80% failure rate for startups.

    • The “Great Resignation” of 2021 saw 4,500,000 people resigning from their jobs.

    • 2021 also saw 550,000 education professionals retire, citing “burnout.”

    With such a mass-exodus from the workforce, it is inevitable that the world is about to see an enormous increase in new entrepreneurs. Many of these aspirational entrepreneurs are destined for a rocky road of high risk and unproven outcomes, without being effectively informed as to what lies beyond the horizon.

    Whether you’re a brand new entrepreneur or a startup that’s going through growing pains, the “21 Accelerators” will guide listeners through three vital sections; supplying real world lessons that enable lasting change for startups:

    1. Listeners will be guided through two contemporary case studies of ongoing startups, observing many of the Accelerator tools in action.

    2. Ample interviews and quotes from more than 2 dozen startup entrepreneurs, numerous executives, business leaders, and marketing directors. Many of which have been converted to cartoons for easy understanding and retention via comedic value.

    3. The Accelerator Checklists at the end of each accelerator chapter, designed to enhance retention and immediate application of lessons to a listener’s advantage.

    Whether your startup is stuck in 1st gear or having engine troubles, Dr. Colman will light up the path toward acceleration. The Revenue Accelerator will equip your startup to hit mach speeds in record time.

    * Source 2020 National Report on Early-Stage Entrepreneurship in the United States.


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