Joe King

Joe King
  • Libraries will be filled with laughter when readers get these joke books in their hands! Each page features a few silly, age-appropriate jokes. Plus, a list of joke-telling tips for kids who want to perform for their friends and family! Cute and fun photos will give readers even more to smile about with text aligned to Common Core standards and correlated to state standards. Abdo Kids Junior is an imprint of Abdo Kids, a division of ABDO.

    Full contents:

    Animal Jokes
    Gross Jokes
    Knock Knock Jokes
    Punny Jokes
    School Jokes
    Sports Jokes

    This title is part of the Books Out Loud™ collection, designed to make literacy fun, easy, and accessible. Educators agree that read-alongs are a cornerstone of successful K–8 education. The practice of reading aloud and listening to professional narrators strengthens comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency. While read-alongs are wildly popular in schools, they haven’t been available or sold elsewhere until now. Books Out Loud™ takes these fabulous titles outside of the classroom for the very first time—in a unique and affordable hybrid format that will empower readers everywhere.