Devrie Brynn Donalson

Devrie Brynn Donalson
  • A refreshingly honest, wonderfully humorous, and entirely inspiring exploration of change, fear, and what it really means to be alone from everyone’s favorite TikTok oracle, Devrie Donalson.

    Dear Reader Just Doing Your Best,

    I can’t say I know a lot, but my life has been one of many lessons. The small amount of wisdom I’ve managed to collect while the universe desperately chased me down, clobbering me with things to learn while I scurried around like a little rat dodging feet to reach an abandoned slice of pizza on the street, I now happily share with you.

    I’ll tell you about my junior high soulmate, my haunted house, and running away to Scotland to lose my virginity. I’ll tell you about my ardent belief in the power of cheese, the rules for attending my funeral, and my struggle to reconcile feminism with Brazilian bikini waxes. I’ll tell you about my greatest failures and the many ways I suffered because of my fear. I’ll tell you about my greatest triumphs and exactly how I figured out how to become a person I am proud of.

    If you’ve ever felt the visceral fear of being abandoned or the anxious anticipation of impending change, you might find something here like hope or validation. If you’ve ever wondered if you had it in you to start over, or if you’ve found yourself questioning what you’ve always believed, you might find a road map to navigating both.

    I hope you find in these pages a little laughter, a little healing, and permission to be okay. I hope you find the courage to embrace sudden change. I hope I can convince you to reimagine what it means to be alone.