Nicole Sahin

Nicole Sahin
  • "Nicole's book provides thoughtful advice for any company that wants to make sure they get global hiring right."—Abe Smith, Head of International, Zoom

    When Nicole Sahin launched Globalization Partners, she invented a new way for companies to hire anyone, anywhere, within minutes. Today, companies of any size can have access to the best talent in the world—and talent the world over can work for top companies without having to leave their communities and families. At a time when it's never been easier or more urgent to hire international talent, Globalization Partners is at the forefront of a critical and accelerated trend in global team building.

    In her book, Sahin shares:

    • How companies can set up their own subsidiaries overseas

    • How to create and build a culture that people love—including hires around the world

    • How it's possible for companies everywhere to have access to the best talent in the world by simplifying the process of hiring internationally

    • How, through her process, workers in all parts of the world can now connect with global employment opportunities, improving quality of life for themselves and their families

    • How international business barriers can be broken down between people from all walks of life

    • Her vision for the future, where expanding internationally will be the rule and not the exception. The time to go global is now!

    Using real-life examples from companies including Zoom and Udemy, Global Talent Unleashed details the story of how Nicole made global remote teams a reality for every company—it can be your handbook to hiring the best talent in the world.

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