Alexandrea Day

Alexandrea Day
  • For centuries, the landscape of our world has changed slowly and gradually. It has moved at a speed that allowed our human body, mind, and soul ample time to dance, play, and adapt to it. However, our changing world has accelerated far beyond what it was before, often leaving us feeling as though we must race after it in order to adapt.

    The concept of Adaptive Therapy presents a novel solution to this modern, high-velocity problem. Instead of racing against the stimuli, Adaptive Therapy posits viable means to help people slow down, become more aware, amplify intuition, and change any perceptions that are misaligned with their environment.

    In Meta-Brain: Reprogramming the Unconscious for Self-Directed Living, author Alexandrea Day reveals the critical path to adapting effectively to our world. With the understanding that our unconscious mind is the lens through which all events in our lives are witnessed, she presents tools that show the listener exactly how to take back control of their most sacred power as human beings.

    Techniques will empower listeners to:

    • Adapt to their surroundings instead of trying to manipulate them externally

    • Depict positive future outcomes for successfully harmonizing with the world

    • Provide new and groundbreaking mindfulness techniques to slow down time

    • Offer techniques for amplifying intuition and treating chronic stress

    • Successfully rewire the unconscious mind of yesterday to suit the needs of today and tomorrow

    Adaptive Therapy offers a road forward to everyone who has felt like their environment has been changing faster than they can keep up with. By increasing our awareness, aligning with our own purpose, and understanding that we truly are all one, we can fuse the best of each and truly come together as one with our world.


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