Rusty Komori

Rusty Komori
  • Prepare to elevate your game with Superior: Creating a Superior Culture of Excellence, a special edition hardcover that combines the unparalleled wisdom of Rusty Komori’s acclaimed works: Beyond the Lines and Beyond the Game, each a standalone marvel in its own right. Rusty Komori masterfully fuses the essence of these two groundbreaking books while preserving their individual spirits, delivering the best of both worlds in one extraordinary read.

    Beyond the Lines delves into the intricate challenges of positive problem-solving, offering a time-tested game plan for any leader in pursuit of sustainable success. Beyond the Game takes this foundational wisdom to the next level, providing a versatile toolbox for leaders eager to enhance their team dynamics. By threading the fabric of these two seminal works into Superior: Creating a Superior Culture of Excellence, readers will reap the unparalleled benefit of both—a true one-two punch of leadership acumen.

    Drawing upon his 22 years of championship-winning tennis coaching, Rusty Komori brings the text to life with vivid examples and compelling stories designed to shape you into the best possible coach or leader within your team or organization. Superior emphasizes the game-changing impact of honing in on the right objectives and cultivating an overwhelmingly positive attitude—not just as a leader, but as an individual committed to personal growth.

    Building upon these fundamentals, Komori introduces the notion of superior disciplined details and culture—a level above the basics—that possess the potential to genuinely set your leadership style apart. Here, expectations are not merely met but surpassed, giving way to a competitive drive that naturally ascends and establishes new benchmarks. This transformative echo parallels Rusty’s own journey, emphasizing the universal applicability of these principles across an array of diverse domains.

    The book unveils Rusty’s unique methods, including the Three Cs of Leadership: Choices, Communication, and Culture, along with the Six Keys for Peak Performance. His insights are organized into five transformative sections, complemented by 50 thought-provoking assessment questions designed to amplify your leadership abilities. Whether you’re steering a nimble team in a startup or overseeing a large corporate ensemble, Superior equips you with the tools and techniques needed to elevate your ‘A-game.’

    At its core, Superior: Creating a Superior Culture of Excellence serves as a proven, comprehensive guide for cultivating a high-performance culture rooted in disciplined details and an insatiable appetite for excellence. Seize this opportunity to gain game-changing, actionable insights from one of the most successful coaches in sports history, and prepare yourself to craft a culture that not only performs but surpasses every obstacle in its path.