Hannah Fergesen

Hannah Fergesen
  • A thrilling sci-fi odyssey and ode to lost childhood friendship, all wrapped in a clever homage to Dr. Who.

    When Harper Starling’s best friend Peggy went missing six years ago, she took their shared dreams of NASA domination with her. At least, that’s what Harper thought. But when she wakes to the sounds of a break-in one night, she’s surprised to find Peggy rifling through her bedroom—completely unaware of who Harper is. She doesn’t recognize Harper at all.

    Peggy demands to know where to find the Argonaut—the protagonist of Harper’s favorite sci-fi TV show, The Infinite Voyage. Harper thinks Peggy is playing an elaborate prank, until the Argonaut himself appears and sweeps Harper back into the past. He explains that Peggy used to travel with him but is now under the thrall of an enemy, and that he has retired from helping people across the universe. When Harper demands that he right his wrong, he leaves her in the past instead.

    Stranded in 1971, Harper realizes the Argonaut of her childhood has almost nothing in common with the time traveler who abandoned her, and that she can’t count on him to come back or help rescue Peggy. But Peggy is far from the enemy’s only victim, and if Harper doesn’t find a way to defeat them, she’ll be the next casualty … along with the rest of the universe.

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