Annev and his friends have survived the destruction of Chaenbalu, but greater threats await them in the capital city of Luqura.

As Annev navigates the city’s perilous streets, he must also evade those who seek to possess and destroy him while seeking answers to the questions that continue to haunt him: Who orchestrated the attack on his village … and why? Who is Reeve, and why did Sodar want Annev to find him? Can Annev trust him?

Most importantly, can Annev learn to control his nascent magic, and will he find a way to remove the cursed artifact now fused to his body? If so, what will it ultimately cost him?


Master of Sorrows by Justin Travis Call
Justin Travis

Justin Travis

Justin Travis Call is a graduate of Harvard University and the author of Master of Sorrows, Book 1 of the Silent Gods series. In addition to being a novice screenwriter and voice actor, Justin is also the CEO of Broomstick Monkey Games and codesigner of Imperial Harvest and Royal Strawberries. When he isn’t reading or writing books, Justin likes boxing, designing tabletop games, and playing League of Legends. He currently lives in Park City, Utah, with his wife, his two sons, his Great Dane (Pippa) and his Saint Bernard-mastiff (Herbie).