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  1. The Obsidian Butterfly Lani Forbes

  2. Souls of Fire and Steel Jill Criswell

  3. The Jade Bones Lani Forbes

  4. Forgotten P. C. Cast

  5. God Storm Coco Ma

  6. Shadow Frost Coco Ma

  7. Kingdom of Ice and Bone Jill Criswell

  8. Beasts of the Frozen Sun Jill Criswell

  9. Found P. C. Cast

  10. The Seventh Sun Lani Forbes

  11. Lost P. C. Cast

  12. Loved P. C. Cast

  13. Just a Hat Shanah Khubiar

  14. Fading Cindy Cipriano

  15. Searching Cindy Cipriano

  16. Pretending Cindy Cipriano

  17. The Shadow Frost Novels Coco Ma

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