Science Fiction & Fantasy

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  1. Hell Divers XI: Renegades Nicholas Sansbury Smith

  2. The Moon Represents My Heart Pim Wangtechawat

  3. Perils of Sea and Sky Lilian Horn

  4. Mind Burn Rhett C. Bruno

  5. The Vicar A. J. Chambers

  6. The Never Wars David Pedreira

  7. I’d Really Prefer Not to Be Here with You, and Other Stories Julianna Baggott

  8. Dempsey Jeffrey Wilson

  9. The Infinite Miles Hannah Fergesen

  10. Citadel C. M. Alongi

  11. Only the Dead Know Peace Alberto Mansur

  12. The Rain Joseph A. Turkot

  13. 76 Hours Larry Alexander

  14. Never Sleep Fred Van Lente

  15. Battery Life Brennan Gilpatrick

  16. Silent Came the Monster Amy Hill Hearth

  17. Alpha Wave Jonathan Maberry

  18. Weird Tales Magazine No. 366: Sword & Sorcery Issue various authors

  19. Grand Theft AI James Cox

  20. The Guardian Joshua Hood

  21. Robots through the Ages Robert Silverberg

  22. The Sandbox Brian Andrews

  23. Hell Divers X: Fallout Nicholas Sansbury Smith

  24. Sons of Valor III: War Machine Brian Andrews

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