War & Military

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  1. Mila 18 Leon Uris

  2. Dempsey Jeffrey Wilson

  3. 76 Hours Larry Alexander

  4. The Guardian Joshua Hood

  5. Louisiana Firestorm Michael McDowell

  6. The Black Palm Michael McDowell

  7. Cold Vengeance Michael McDowell

  8. Deadly Reunion Michael McDowell

  9. Sons of Valor III: War Machine Brian Andrews

  10. Sons of War 4: Soldiers Nicholas Sansbury Smith

  11. The Great Unmaking Brian A. Nelson

  12. The War Magician David Fisher

  13. The Crimson Thread Kate Forsyth

  14. Dark Harvest Will Jordan

  15. Sons of Valor II: Violence of Action Brian Andrews

  16. Greasy Grass Johnny D. Boggs

  17. Fata Morgana Steven R. Boyett

  18. Tai-Pan James Clavell

  19. Shōgun James Clavell

  20. Escape James Clavell

  21. King Rat James Clavell

  22. Whirlwind James Clavell

  23. The Last Sword Maker Brian A. Nelson

  24. The Hungry Blade Lawrence Dudley

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