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  1. The Keeper of Stories Sally Page

  2. The Saint of Thieves Dana Haynes

  3. Sycamore Circle Shelley Shepard Gray

  4. Sideways: Chile Rex Pickett

  5. Emily Goes to Exeter M. C. Beaton

  6. The War Magician David Fisher

  7. This Marriage? Dave Canales

  8. Meta-Brain Alexandrea Day

  9. Move or Die Chris Carlisle

  10. NYPD Red 7 Marshall Karp

  11. Beasts of the Earth James Wade

  12. Manmade Constellations Misha Lazzara

  13. The Neighborhood Matthew Betley

  14. The Ravaged Norman Reedus

  15. Hotel Portofino J. P. O’Connell

  16. Sons of Valor II: Violence of Action Brian Andrews

  17. The Hungry Blade Lawrence Dudley

  18. Master of Sorrows Justin Travis Call

  19. Willa’s Grove Laura Munson

  20. Iphigenia Murphy Sara Hosey

  21. You Don’t Know Me Sara Foster

  22. The Queen of Paris Pamela Binnings Ewen

  23. Pale Edward A. Farmer

  24. Little Crew of Butchers Francine Pascal

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