Cracking The Code by Evan G. Pellett

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Cracking The Code by Evan G. Pellett
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“Evan drives results…His confidential, behind-the-scenes insight and experience is a must have.” —Richard Kommit, former CEO, Cross Industry Marketing

Featured on CBS and WBZ Radio, Evan Pellett is the keynote guest speaker on Nightside with Dan Rea. You may have heard Evan as the radio expert on interviewing across the United States.

Cracking the Code to a Successful Interview is a groundbreaking new scientific, proactive, cutting-edge, hands-on, proven approach to job interviews by an award-winning, highly decorated recruiter. This REAPRICH eight-step interview method will give you a proactive way to take control of your interview. You will learn the secret, never-before-published “questions behind the questions.” These are the questions that every manager unconsciously needs answered in order to hire you.

Evan Pellett is a #1-ranked recruiter with numerous awards. He has coached salespeople, new graduates, Harvard scientists, CEOs, engineers, consultants, teachers, nurses, and doctors, to name a few. Get hired and win!

Evan G. Pellett

Evan G. Pellett

Evan G. Pellett is a top 1 percent authority in the field of interviewing and hiring. He has won numerous awards, including Best Recruiter at Oracle, outstanding achievement awards, and recognitions at Oracle, Siebel Systems, and other leaders in the technology field. He has been a C-level executive and also holds a master of science degree in industrial organizational psychology with Psi Chi honors. He has been a senior advisor to many CEOs. He has also been a speaker at Harvard and MIT, and he successfully taught the Interview Science REAPRICH method with candidates from every background and experience level.